Results, not Resolutions

If you’re here, it means you’re ready to learn more about the 30 Day Balance Blitz!

Picture this… it’s January 1st. You are full of excitement, optimism and inspiration. You’re ready to make BIG changes – personally, professionally, financially – you name it, you’re going to do it! You have a plan, you have the motivation – this is your year!

The year starts off amazingly… until it tapers off. You get frustrated. You “break” some of your resolutions. You fall just short of some really big goals. Your staff is not bought in. Your family and friends are frustrated with you. It’s draining, but you know what? It’s November. Let’s just get through the holidays and we can start fresh in the New Year.

How many times are you going “start over,” “start fresh,” or “start again?” How many “New Years” are going to be “your years?”

What if THIS year was finally, really YOUR year?

What would you finally accomplish? What would you finally celebrate? Where would you finally travel? What would your financial success finally look like? How much would your staff finally appreciate you and your hard work? How happy would your family be to finally get some time with you?

The 30 Day Balance Blitz is designed to give you a taste of what clarity, planning, support and accountability can do for you. We will work together to set CLEAR GOALS and INTENTIONS – NOT FUZZY RESOLUTIONS – to start 2020 off on the right foot for you, your team and your life.

Over the course of 30 days we will have weekly group coaching calls where I will provide you with personal support and accountability.

And the best part?

The 30-Day Balance Blitz is ABSOLUTELY FREE.

We have 10 slots, and we start Monday, January 6th! Fill out the application below if you’re ready to make 2020 YOUR year!

What People Are Saying

Jen has a natural ability to coach, train, direct and guide people in all aspects of life. She has a true gift of being able to grow individuals both professionally and personally.

Danielle O’Neill, Area Manager

I can confidently say that Jen’s guidance, expertise and patience have given me the tools to have a successful career in talent development. Her vast knowledge and keen eye allow her to succeed in developing people in any field, and I am continually grateful to her for the time she has spent developing me.

Gabrielle Bolin, Business Owner

Jen always finds time to listen and help. Rather than just giving advice, she asks empowering questions that allow me to find my own solutions and better understand my leadership style. She is both a friend and a mentor.

Shannon McCartney, General Manager

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